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Originally Posted by Rogue Nine View Post
Al Franken hasn't appeared on SNL since 2002 and hasn't been associated as a regular for them since 1995. Check your facts before you start spouting idiotic garbage.
I said he wrote Scripts, I didn't say he appeared on it, appearing on it doesn't mean anything, writing the scripts does.

Originally Posted by Rogue Nine
I like how this isn't a denial of anything that jmac said (which is all true, by the by).
You guys still have yet to explain how news crews chanting for Obama at Obama rallies, writing fraudulent stories concerning McCain (which the story I'm referring to was proven false), and I've just gotten started on what all I can bring up concerning the media.

Now there is a difference between bias and being in the tank, and many media outlets have gone to the in the tank so deep they have run out of line for their air hose.
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