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((woah, what in the hell happened here? alot of has happened o_0. Oh and Chev, go ahead and take Naruto ))

"What the-?" Kaneda ran over to the window to see one of the buildings was on fire. There was the sound of fighting in the background. He turned to Naruto. "A terrorist attack!" he clenched his teeth in anger.

He looked back at the window. Then ran across the room and exited. "I'm going to help out. I'd advise you to send our ANBU forces to deal with this mindless situation!"

Kaneda ran out and exited the Hokage mansion. He stopped outside the door, and examined his environment. Innocent people were running everywhere, away from the chaos. Kaneda pulled out his Katana. The sound of of his blade sliced through the wind: a gift from his father. He watched with strict hawk eyes.
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