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Originally Posted by Zargon View Post


thats alot of CD's.....
Yeah, I have a pretty nice collection. I wonder how much it's worth? Many thousands of dollars, surely. You can actually buy huge sets of the complete Beethoven, complete Mozart, etc., but I like to search for the individual sets I like best. Unfortunately, Amazon offers a lot less audio sample now than they used to. I wonder why?

I have thought about ripping them all. I have a small subset on my hard drive at work as mp3s, but to really do the job right, I'd want to use a non-lossy format.

Does anyone know the most supported non-lossy audio format? Supported in terms of software players across various OSs, and support on portable music players? This could be good for backup purposes, but I'd want to use a very standard format so my data does not become obsolete. I could just use wav files, but the size would be...ridiculous.
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