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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
Again I'm asking where did they make these blastocysts as you called them, if they are making them in a test tube only to destroy them it is highly unethical. You're creating life only to kill it.
They're creating them with the purpose of providing couples with a means of reproducing with their own DNA. The woman's eggs are hyperfertilized using the man's sperm, thus producing more embryos than needed. These additional embryos are then stored in case the first are unsuccessful so the fertilization process need not be done again. Once the couple has a viable fetus, I believe they decide whether to continue storing the embryos or to turn them over to the fertility clinic.

Scientists wish to use these embryos, which are destined for destruction (they're typically pitched with medical waste like gauzes, syringes, etc.), for stem cell research and, possibly, to harvest stem cells for therapeutic uses. The potential for these stem cells is far better than adult stem cells based on their pluriopotency.

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