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^Actually I have a special ability that allows for me to steal other special abilities, it is one of the reasons the Akatsuki made member without years and years of long waits and serving them.
I know, through combat and physical touch, which my character did with a member of the Uchiha, she was able to gain the genetic coding for it. Not to mention it is unknown who her parents were so there's a chance that she has some Uchiha bloodline heritage which allows her to use this ability so well. Besides all of that the experiments Orochimaru preformed on her were insane, he could've been able to encode that in her genes easily especially since what Orochimaru had done it before with the first hokage of the hidden leaf.
I don't read anywhere within your bio you're able to absorb other peoples abilities tho. And on a side note: Itachi was the one who killed Orochimaru

Also, do you think you can ease down on your usage of abilities. Because its starting to get to the point where its becoming ridiculous for everyone, because you dont seem to give them much of a chance in battle
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