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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
I wasn't aware that Human life is equivalent to a piece of poultry on the dinner table?
Chicken-fried steak is not poultry. Nor is it paltry. It has more value than a discarded human embryo if it isn't being used for research or medicine.

No, that isn't very likely for some of those, anything that is genetic in nature, stem cells won't do squat, particularly Leukemia.
You're completely and utterly wrong. There are data to show it. Indeed Burt et al (2004) demonstrated the value of stem cell therapy in leukemia years ago.

Stem cells are not a cure all, they can do some organ regeneration, however there are some organs in the body that can regenerate on their own, such as your skin and the liver.
Only with minor -very minor- injury or disease. This is why both skin and liver are among the more frequent organs to receive transplants.

I'ts still playing God,
Lets leave superstition and the supernatural out of rational discourse. If the objection isn't rational and logical it should be discarded.

That is your opinion, that is not necessarily fact.
Oh, it is completely factual. I challenge you to provide empirical data to support religious doctrines of transubstantiation, virgin birth, zombie messiahs, sudden cessation of planetary rotation followed by sudden resumption, etc. These are myths and fables based on the myths and fables of prior civilizations -there is evidence to support that. Religious adherents conveniently ignore and overlook such evidence, compartmentalizing their beliefs from reality to avoid the dilemmas created, but the data are there.


Burt, Richard K; et al (2004). Embryonic Stem Cells As an Alternate Marrow Donor Source: Engraftment without Graft-Versus-Host Disease. Journal of Experimental Medicine. 199(7): 895904.

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