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Originally Posted by Phantom Knight View Post
I don't read anywhere within your bio you're able to absorb other peoples abilities tho. And on a side note: Itachi was the one who killed Orochimaru

Also, do you think you can ease down on your usage of abilities. Because its starting to get to the point where its becoming ridiculous for everyone, because you dont seem to give them much of a chance in battle
This is supposed to be an rp, things in rp's, technically, because they not part of the story line, don't have to make sense. O.o

Again, this is supposed to be an rp, I shouldn't have a limitation on how many techniques I use to bring down an enemy. Not to mention like I've stated before I'm a KAGE ranked ninja, unless they too are Kage ranked ninja or VERY close to Kage ranked ninja, like a high level Jounin or a Chunin that has a special ability that makes them VERY strong, I should be able to defeat them without much of a hassle. Also, btw, so far I've used like 2 techniques, my sharingan and shadow walker techniques, the rest was sheer strength.

Also, could we please drop the questions and technicalities... please, I love anime, I LOVE to RP and I was looking forward to a nice intense RP here with you guys and it's starting to get to the point where I just wanna kill off my character and not RP here mainly because of all of this. So please... stop it. I don't wanna sound like a jerk, which I know I probably do, but this is supposed to be an RP, RP's are supposed to be fun, so lets just have some fun.

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