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Originally Posted by edlib View Post
I try not to use compressed formats whenever possible, so I'm actually a bit ignorant on this audio issue.

I currently use high-grade MP3 for my iTunes files at work... and they sound OK through the computer speakers... but sometimes a bit rough through the big PA speakers.

OK for warm-up music being played at low level when the crowd is coming in or going out... but I wouldn't use it for critical listening purposes... I'll still go to the CD for that.
Hmm, I'm not really an audiophile, but I've never been able to tell the difference between MP3s encoded at 192kbps+/44.1 khz and CDs.

You could always try AAC. It's lossy, but it's also a lot newer than MP3 and offers better quality at lower bitrates. The only way I could see the format you encode your audio getting in the way of you listening to it has some sort of DRM though. Fairplay, for example, is getting more and more complex, to the point where Apple has just started adding in useless calculations in the code for it just to **** with people who try to crack it.

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