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I'm a live sound and recording engineer... it's my gig to tell incredibly subtle differences between audio sources.

I can't hear the difference between those 2 on small computer speakers... but I almost always can on big, incredibly expensive ones, and especially on a very good set of headphones... though usually only if I'm actually actively searching for them or A/B-ing them.

Most people won't hear the artifacts I do though... so playing MP3s as warm up music is usually fine.

Man, was I tired all day yesterday. Anytime I stopped moving for a second or 2, I dozed off. Actually started to nod off in a meeting I was attending. Couldn't help it.

Had a nightmare getting home from work last night:

The show ran way late, and all I really wanted to do was get home and get to sleep... but one train broke down, so I missed my connecting one and had to wait 20 minutes for the next one, I didn't have enough cash to pay for parking (cash-only place...) when I finally got to the station garage, but the ATM there was out of money, so I had to walk a couple of blocks in the brutal cold at quarter of 1 to find another.

Finally got into bed about 1:30. Hooray.

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