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Akagi's eyes flashed with recognition. Yes, this person was indeed an ally, he remembered seeing the girl at the village, back when was.....Akagi didn't think of that fight, it was a bit embarrassing.

He nodded and sheathed his swords. There was nothing to fear of this girl.

He walked towards her casually and noticed the swords she had. They were indeed a fine choice for the young girl. He stopped,"You can retrieve you weapons, I do not think you would try to kill me, at least not now."

A question quickly and randomly came to Akagi's mind as he looked at the swords. There just seemed to be something about them that sparked something in Akagi's memory, but he'd wait on that.

Akagi pointed to the swords,"So, how long have you been training with those."

Akagi hoped he wasn't coming off as too random.

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