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Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
I suppose this is the point at which we come into contention. As I think by assigning your own reason for exsistance, ignores the fact that there isn't one, and thus ignores the rationality behind getting you there.
Yes, I think this is something that people find unconvincing. I'll try to get something out before going to bed.

Summarizing, the thought here is that a 'rational' conclusion leads to a 'irrational' way of living, because you give reason to your existence, after you made the 'rational' conclusion that there is no reason to any existence.

I'd argue that this statement implies that someone who tries to explain everything rationally, should live and think rational at every turn, and that this statement is an absolute one. As it is, it could be regarded as irrational itself, as it implies you should be rational at every turn, without thought.

In any case, I think that setting out goals for yourself in a world you perceive to have rationally none, is merely a way of getting through your life, which you acknowledge has no meaning, but which you are happy to have, because it gives you some sort of happiness.

I understand that happiness is subjective, that it is different for everyone. Therein lies danger, as you and myself have hinted to.

Phew. I probably could have phrased it better, but I'm tired.

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