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Originally Posted by Arcesious View Post
Because not a whole lot of people can reach such a standard, and a lot of people, like me, don't want to set that high of a standard. I'm all for rationality and such though, but I could never keep a promise to be perfect, no one could.
Nietzsche isn't saying you should be perfect all the time, he's just saying that you need to try to be your best. The "ubermensch" is the ideal human, just like that image in your head of the ideal spoon. You do your best to reach it, but realistically, you're not going to, and Nietzsche knows that. You're just supposed to try.

Because it's an inconsiderate standard. Not everyone thinks critically all the time, and it's asking too much of a person. To have a society so extremely rational would strip away the personalites of people. Kind of like the Vulcans in Enterprise, with the episodes 'The Forge' and 'Awakening', the results of what could be called 'extreme overmanism' is shown through the struggles the Vulcans have.
Vulcans are hardly "perfect" people, and I find it hard to believe that Nietzsche was seeking something akin to a Vulcan in his concept of an ubermensch. The Vulcan concept, if we take Vulcans as an extension of Humans, guts important parts of humans in exchange for over-emphasizing other parts. Being "rational" hardly means to be cold and emotionless.

What I meant is that the idea semed so deeply philosphical that it was potentially illogical. Nope, I haven't read the book. What I've seen though seems to suggest a rather... 'extreme' ideology.
It is a very philosophical idea, and in order to be the "ubermensch" you'd have to be a perfect being, which humans can't be so it's more of a "strive to be the best you can be" over "be perfect all the time."

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