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Cannot vote, as they all had a role and a place to play. they were (well, most of them), cool in their own way.

Carth: He holds out until the last minute waiting for you instead of saving his hide. He then rescues your character AGAIN after the crash. Yes, the guy's got issues. He's also got plenty of reasons for said issues. Saul's a piece of work, and if retcon's your friend? Well, he has plenty of reason not to trust Jedi, either! He knows something's up with your character, but doesn't know what it is or how to say what he thinks it is. He can also take a joke, and is willing to work with others, and man enough to apologize, which puts him above Bastila, IMO. If you play DSM, he's got plenty of reason to b*tch loudly about being stuck with someone he knows is bad news.

In terms of game mechanics, boost his dex, equip the best pistols you can find or mod, and don't weigh him down with anything heavier than Echani armor. That way, he makes a fast, light fighter for taking out large numbers of enemies. Alternately, use swords, but still keep his dex as high as you can. Cross-class mods work especially well with Carth due to his high alignment and the many in-game hints that he's FS anyway.

Mission: She is GREAT to write in terms of fanfic, and a great argument for crew unity outside of Revan. It's not much of a stretch to see her being friendly with everyone, save Bastila. The second banter with Carth, for example. Like any teenager, she will say she doesn't need parents, but she really is surprised and touched when Carth and your PC show that they care about her. She wouldn't have too much trouble with Canderous. As far as he's concerned, she's a young woman who can fight, and she wouldn't really care about him being Mandalorian or working for Davik. With Juhani...well, the same streets that were hell for Juhani were home to Mission, so they could help each other through that loss.

In terms of game mechanics? Stealth belts and sneak attacks added to a copious skill base made her more versitile than T3. Cross class mods look good with her due to her high alignment as well. I tend to give her a double-bladed saber with Mantle of the Force and droid-killer crystals and give her the team-booster powers like Valor and Armor.

Zaalbar: Doesn't have much to say, he's Teller to Mission's Penn. He's still young, and less sure of himself than Juhani. what I do like is that you are able to prove to him that there are worthy humans...or corrupt him completely, almost a rough draft of the Influence system.

With Zaalbar, you have to give him blades. The bowcaster is nice, but not really a good match to the big guy's hit points and strength. Give him Bacca's blade in the main hand, Mission's in the off-hand and send him forward to act as a damage sponge.

Bastila: She's a brittle, tragic character. Wound up so tightly she's ready to snap. She puts on the act of being the proper little Jedi, but her armor keeps cracking, and she can neither ask for help or accept it - at least not until the Star Forge, and only about 50% of the time does it work.

Game mechanics, she is a solid, balanced Jedi. Make sure you max out the two-handed feat and don't be afraid to let her dabble in some DS powers like slow.

Canderous: The more you understand about the Mando'a, the cooler he becomes. Revan finds him at his lowest point, when he is cracking skulls for a two-bit crime lord, bored and fighting for pay, not honor. I've described it as seeing a lion locked in a dog kennel. Through traveling with you, telling his stories from his first battle to his downfall, fighting embarrassments to the bes'kar, and then the confrontation with Jagi, he starts realizing he he still must fight, but he cannot waste it on pointless slaughter. He needs something greater, and by the time Exile finds him, he's certainly found it.

Canderous is a tank. Take the opposite track you do with Carth - use the heaviest armor you can find and equip a BFG. Put him on Grenadier script, too. That way, he stands back, firing at the assault droids and other heavy artillery while Carth's got the backup.

Juhani: I really like her. She got shafted, dialogue-wise, with only about half of it actually getting in the game. So many times, I wanted to give her a big hug. Yes, she's shaky and her self-esteem is somewhere in the Undercity. Let's face it, though, her background's not condusive to pride in one's self, and the Jedi don't exactly help it, either. She really is a sweet woman, and believes so much in her ideals and in you.

Game mechanics? The cat is deadly. Force jump and stealth make her a natural to be right in the thick of a dangerous area. Aggressive force abilities like the Force Push family and the speed abilties do wonders with her.


The old man is a hoot. A Scoundrel with Force powers and an impish sense of humor. On the rare occasions he does get serious, his word carries all the more weight. He certainly claims not to like the extremes of light and dark, but he is a LS walker when the decision has to be made.

Jolee is a weak fighter, with hit points that almost justify armor. Shields are also a good thing on the old man. Since he's got dueling anyway, keep him with one saber, and go for broke on Force powers. Put him on "Jedi Support," so that he can keep throwing Force powers towards the foes and use Heal and the like to keep you all afloat.

HK-47: Disturbingly, darkly funny like a cross of Bender and a DS version of Minsc as directed by Tim Burton. Maniacal yet contemplative, he describes a Hutt being made into sausage with the same cheerfulness one would describe a Monty Python sketch. I'm willing to bet he was just as much Revan's court jester as he was a personal protocol/assassin droid.

Game mechanics - he wasn't as useful as the one-two punch I got with the gentlemen, but if you need blaster support when running with Jedi, send him in.

T3 - doesn't get much of a personality until K2. He's pretty useful on levels with lots of computers (Sith bases and such), but not as useful elsewhere.

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