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Originally Posted by qui_gon_glenn View Post
However, it has been some time since I read Nietzsche. What philosophical category do you think Nietzsche fits best? J7, you mentioned Sartre in a response.... do you think that Nietzsche is an Existentialist?
Personally I put Nietzsche in a category all of his own. I think he is one of the most original thinkers in the last few hundred years, and certainly one of the most interesting minds, to have come about.

I don't think he was an Existentialist - though I'm sure the "Existentialists" of the 20th century certainly took parts of Nietzschean philosophy and used it in their Existentialism. Of course this is somewhat hard to define, given the discussion as to what Existentialism is, and the fact some of the most prominent existentialists deny being existentialists

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