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Originally Posted by Adinos View Post
I was wondering if anyone has ever written a model viewer for KotOR, or if not, whether information on the model file format is available, so I could more easily write it myself.

I'd rather not spend my time reverse-engineering the format if someone else has done it already.
GMax(Free) and 3dsMax($$$) can open the files if you convert the model files (.mdl and .mdx) you get from KTool into an -ascii.mdl file using MdlOps, and using the NWMax plugin for GMax or 3dsMax, you can bring the models into GMax/3ds. Then you have to select the parts of the body/head/whatever (usually clearly marked as head, hair, body, larm, rarm, etc. In GMax, to select them, the hot key is H and use control to select more then one.) then apply the skin to the body/head/whatever (in gmax, hotkey is M. Select Metal as the Shader, press the gray box next to Ambient/Difuse, and select the texture file) And there you go, you have your texture. Its probably not going to be the best quality or the quality it will have in game, so don't worry. In 3ds, I've heard that to get the best idea of your texture, you can use the rendering feature. But GMax doesn't have that feature standard, so you'll have to surf the net for the rendering plugin download.
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