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Alright... I think I understand what it means now.

As for 'deepy philosphical' and 'potentially illogical', what I mean is that it seems to me, IMHO, that if I were to think about some philosphical concepts as deeply as possible, I'd misinterpret what the philosphers that came up with the ideas meant, taking the ideas so far that I don't interpret it the way they were intended to be interpretted.

And that's what I thought the 'overman' philosophy was suggesting a person like me do, until Webrider said this and cleared up my misconceptions about it:
It is a very philosophical idea, and in order to be the "ubermensch" you'd have to be a perfect being, which humans can't be so it's more of a "strive to be the best you can be" over "be perfect all the time."

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