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Well, I one for place him as a proto-Existentialist. The concepts of self and "other"ness come up often in his work, and the Overman ideal is itself an acceptance of the existential portrait of human life - we are fallable, we have no purpose, there is nothing but the now.

Of course, you cannot place any label on Sartre, smug son of gun that he was. But I would classify much of Nietzsche's work as pointing towards Existentialism, in particular the Overman as described in Thus Spake Zarathrusta. Along with Kierkegaard (who sure doesn't seem like an existentialist - silly god fearer) and Hegel, the fathers of Existentialism.

And, I agree fully with Sabretooth - you should read the philosophies before rendering opinion or judgment. I do not agree that Nietzsche is easy reading though
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