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Originally Posted by Neon View Post
I'm talking about the Kell dragon ^^

I know I'm not in the Dark Forces team, but I took this request on the filefront forums, and I thought I'll keep you guys updated here at LF.

It's a very early wip, but I thought I'll show some screenshots of it already:

Front 01
Back 01
Front 02
Back 02

Feel free to comment. Also, does anyone know if I need to put a new skeleton in it, and perhaps also how I get it to work in JA ?

Great work so far!

I'd suggest the Howler (those lizards in the first level on Yavin) would probably work. They have a similar cat-like leaping movement (though the howling animation itself might be problematic in terms of accuracy. I'm not bothered by the thought of it, personally, since fighting the Kell Dragon would likely be a very different exercise in DFMod than just punching its lights out as in the original game).

Also, you should check your PMs.

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