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Originally Posted by tk102 View Post
Are you maxing out the level of the characters too? If I remember correctly the some of the sidequest conversation scripts record the xp level that you (or the NPC) is at and the next sequence checks to see whether you've an increased your level before it initiates. If you're already at level 20, then you wouldn't be able to sequence through the dialogs.

If my memory is wrong here, I apologize. I'm on my laptop without KotOR installed.
Yeah I maxed out the levels of my party members, too. Do you think I should try next time doing everything else but avoid adding any XP or high levels, just like, start with 0 experience as you would in a non KSE manipulated play through, and just start say Level 1 Scout/Level 1 Sentinel and start each NPC at level 1 for Jedi classes?

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