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Sayomi nods, as she looks at him she says "Yes... it is an artificial bijuu. It was first created by Orochimaru and lay dormant until I met the Akatsuki who, because of the fact it was not a real bijuu, did not try to steal it, rather they offered to break the seal causing it to lay dormant. Through out my travels the bijuu has been my companion of sorts, at first she was very hard to control but over time we began to come together. She is able to take on a visible form outside of my body but my body still is where she resides, when she gets angry she sometimes she becomes enough to overwhelm me for a short while using my body to speak or express her wishes. She however cannot use me to act out her wishes, she does not have that power over me. The Akatsuki, specifically Deidara, helped me name her when we first broke the seal, she is named after myself and Kyuubi (sometimes to her dismay). Her name is Syuubi and takes the form of a white wolf with 13 tails." Sayomi finishes.

Sayomi speaks again "That is all that I really know about her, other then what I've said she's considered to be as powerful as Kyuubi but is much less controlling." Sayomi finishes again.

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