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Originally Posted by SW01 View Post
Very interesting Astor - I wonder then if there will b dedicated governos of regions rather than simply the highest ranking general there at the time? I'm looking forward to seeing how the democratic system functions in-game too.
Unfortunately, we don't get a view of the 'Governor' tab on that panel, but I would hope so - this was the time when Civilian officials began to take over, and when armed forces answered to them.

So far the new features look impressive - mainly this democratic system and the navy. Hope they reveal a bit more before the game comes out.
I'm sure we'll get some more details when the demo comes, out, whenever that may be...

Anways, some more screens:

A view of the campaign map in North America, with General Washington in the center.
Show spoiler

A lone artillerist fights Indians.
Show spoiler

So far, in the screens i've seen, there's been some evolution in uniforms - so i'm hoping they're not going to be static throughout the game - and that we'll go from the decadent uniforms of the early 18th Century to the plainer, more functional ones of the latter half of the century.
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