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People around Coleman who can reject him are waiting for him to slip up in some way so that they can have even the smallest excuse to kick him out of the race--that is totally what's going on here now.

Originally Posted by Samnmax221 View Post
I was hoping Franken wouldn't win, so I wouldn't have to listen to his ****ty jokes for the next 6 years. You may find this hard to believe but many years ago Saturday Night Live was funny, and had a talented cast, with the exception of Al Franken. How the constituents in my state forgot this is beyond me.
On top of that, he's an arrogant jerk. The reason he probably doesn't shake hands with very many people anymore I would guess is probably because someone tweaked his hand for mouthing off to them. Wouldn't surprise me.

S***ty jokes and basically uncivilized dimeanor. Yeah he'd be funny ...until the novelty wore off and people saw through his attacks.

The way I see it, he's going to be a civil servant--yet he is only civil to others when it suits him. Certainly not a sport to anyone on the opposite political side--regardless of whatever reason. THIS absolutely reflects on what kind of character he has.

True being polite you cannot expect things to go your way, but, eventually you'll **** with the wrong person and it'll crash down on you.

Originally Posted by Vikinor View Post
I don't see anything wrong with being "right wing". I'd actually commend him for sticking up for what he believes because it seems pretty obvious that he's outnumbered.
Agreed. However it seems like things have been screwed up for almost anyone in this category in politics. Oh sure it won't be like that forever. Still, it would stand to reason that the climate generally is now a bit more hostile towards those to the right.

Originally Posted by Vikinor View Post
Media can be good or bad. It can have positive and negative efffects.

Personally, I don't watch FOX because I think it is way too biased towards viewpoints I don't agree with. I'm not saying being biased is bad, as long as they don't say anything that is false.
That's what research is all about: taking some stance which definitively means you have some inherent bias, using facts by way of inductive reasoning to support your claim.

I'd say that the media generally is not always factually reliable. Find the sources, find an opposite viewpoint, then look at it all again with more scrutiny.

Whatever the slant media will find someone to the opposite in the political spectrum do an interview, and cut out excerpts in just such a way that it makes the person seem like they are saying something that they're actually not--relative to given subject. That goes for all, regardless of slant.

That and in high school I did amateur TV production. It became apparent to me I was headed in the wrong direction. Most the people I knew were scumbags.


Franken himself? --The only thing funny, now, is how I can go to a dollar tree and find his books practically flooding the book aisle. Charisma (the correct kind that doesn't smell afoul and drive your audience away) is only half the qualification. Leadership experience is the other.
Leaving radio fairly recently to run for politics??? I'm sorry, we already have enough jokers in office. Unless he has something else real in the last 5 years OTHER than being a commentator for political stuff, I would not say he is qualified. (EDIT: commentating on something and actually doing that something are a world of difference apart).

Qualified: Actually involved in managing public money, making/revising policy, dealing with laws, making sure education isn't just a daycare for adolescents, working on tax policy, stuff like that. I mean other than just spectating from the sidelines about it, doing whatever it is that he's been doing.

If we're going to make it popular to put celebrities in office regardless of qualification (or lack thereof), then I daresay we are playing russian roulette wit our government's power which hardly seems wise.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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