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OMGWTFHAX... Just found this place with a random Google search. I can't believe how many of the all time greatest MotS players/personalities have posted on this thread.

After retiring from MotS I bounced around to a lot of different games. I tried playing Jedi Outcast but the game was a huge step down from the original Jedi Knight games. I quit when they patched the game to limit the ammo on each map(ghey). However, while playing Jedi Outcast I did run into some old school MotS players like exaltedone_435, JOTS_BigDee, and GDS_VaporZ.

I played EverQuest with Cowb0y and Confed for a time. Addicting game but the lack of pvp and lame end game raiding just wasn't for me.

I played Counter-Strike with KyA_Master and KyA_Ranger. And I used to randomly run into DIK_KENDO on a number of occasions on some of the local Counter-Strike servers. Also a couple of years ago I saw DIK_WAGNER playing Team Fortress Classic Dustbowl a few times. Small world...

When Star Wars Galaxies came out KYA_Master, KyA_Ranger, YoungGun_NBK, Sticky_NBK, and myself started our own guild called "Dark Forces" and we were the top Imperial guild on our server. The game sucked so bad it didn't last long but we did have a lot of fun raping the rebels at Anchorhead with our AT-STs AHAHAH.

KyA_Master and KyA_Ranger are still attached at the hip and playing World of Warcraft. They are the leaders of the best Horde guild on the Dark Iron server called Prophecy. Last I heard they were getting married as soon as California repeals Prop 8. *cough*

Master_Bee_ still practices running Spaceport alone in his mother's basement for 8 hours each day in the hopes that MotS will make a comeback and he can finally score a kill against AMERICANO.

As for myself, I no longer play any games. Im active duty Air Force and almost a full-time college student stationed in Las Vegas. I did love WoW while I played but I just don't have the time anymore. I am presently pursuing a pilot slot in the USAF. All of that multi-tasking and hand-eye coordination really paid off when I took the pilot aptitude tests.. damn near max score without ever flying a plane LoL. I will find out next year whether or not I'll be accepted.

Great to see all of you are still out there. MotS was truly the best online gaming experience/community I have ever been apart of. If anyone manages to get some of the old timers back together for some games I will load it up in a heartbeat. If anyone wants to chat shoot me a PM for contact info. Later.
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