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"Before we go, you need to know the truth about your family."

"Naruto told me the story once when I was visiting him."

Karela stopped to think

"Pain had sent his bodies to try and take me alive so they could extract the nine-tailed fox. Now, this was happening when I was out training. I came back to find most of the village in ruins."

"I attacked all of Pain's bodies and eventually was captured by the Deva Path who managed to hit me with some sort of Chakra rods that immobilized me. I thought I was honestly done for. Pain was easily the strongest opponet I've ever fought...I sometimes wonder how I could have won it."

"Anyway. I thought I was going to be killed...but then my assistant here jumped in front of me and challenged Pain. She managed to drive him back before he nearly killed her. I lost control and shot up to my six tailed form when I finally managed to drive pain out of the village. "

Karela's eyes turned downwards.

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