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Sayomi looks at Karela and says quietly "Why did they have to die? They were... my family... my friends." her eyes begin to tear up again as crimson tears drop to the floor.

Sayomi wiped her face with her arm as she stood up and said "I understand that this was an accident and Naruto is not to blame... but one question that lingers over me is what became of the fox? Is it still sealed inside of him? Has it been punished for it's atrocities?" Sayomi stands there her crystal blue eyes filled with crimson red tears.

Another question came to Sayomi's mind as she stood there "Was there anyone left? Are all of the Akatsuki gone?" she looked at Karela with prying eyes as if she was hoping just one of them lay in a Kohona prison or had made it out alive and was out there looking for her.

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