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Originally Posted by Darth InSidious View Post
Actually, it needs a minimum of one 'entry', that is, NPC response and one PC reply, even if that reply is blank.
Really then why didn't it work?
Originally Posted by Ferc Kast View Post
Huh; I thought I read once in a tutorial (correct me if I'm wrong) that a dialog works like normal (non-'text bubble') if it has 3 replies.

I can't speak from experience though, seeing as I've only dealt with/made dialogs with 3+ replies.
Thanks ferc that made it work!

EDIT: now for some reason it wont fire when i enter the area. Heres the fire script:
void main() {
  object oNPC=GetObjectByTag("doorguard");
  location lMe=GetLocation(GetFirstPC());
  AssignCommand (oNPC,ActionForceMoveToLocation(lMe,FALSE));
  AssignCommand (oNPC, ActionStartConversation(GetFirstPC()));
Do you guys see any problem?

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