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I bought a couple of really cool things yesterday which will probably not interest many of you, but means a lot to me.

I got:

120 inch George Foreman grill. Why? Two of my good friends have these things, and have cooked amazing meals on them. Hot Dogs, and hamburgers taste really good on this thing, and the mess seams easy to clean up. Can't wait to use it!

This may not be the EXACT platter I bought, but it was on clearance for $7. I had no platter what so ever. Any of you who have ever cooked outdoors know that this is an important thing to have. I am still very excited.

As much as I HATE Wal-mart, sometimes if you brave it, you can find some really good deals on stuff you need.

With the current stream of warm weather, I am going to be cooking hot dogs and hamburgers today. I even bought some of that microwave bacon for the occasion. Mmmm, bacon cheesburgers! I also got buns, and crispy fries. Already had pickles, lettuce, ketchup, mayo, and mustard. I may even go back and grab a few tomatoes and onions for the occasion. Can't wait!
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