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Question about the new 'Badge' system

Well, as Lynky Wynky PMed me, I got this nice 'Forum Vet' tag here, and given a reason: Aresener ^_^

I actually got two questions on this:

1: Like this award and the other ones that can be given, as I'm sure the Admin and S Mod's are working on still, is there like a full list coming on what the other various awards are?


2: The 'Forum Veteran' thing, where Lynk made mention that, well, I AM the Minister of Silly Walks in those parts , could there be a sub structure on that award?
I.E. it normally shows in post that the user is a forum vet, but in their profile it can show what forum or forums or even what particular common past-time that said user is part of?

(For instance, give a forum vet award to someone who has gone through an entire year posting in the 1yr thread over at XWA?)

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