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Questions about influence on a dark side walkthrough

I'm playing KOTOR 2 for a second time (after a few years) I've searched a lot of topics, forums and found a lot of tip and walkthroughs, but still I'm not sure of a few things, so if anyone could help me I'm gratefull in advance!!!!
Now to the matter...
I'm playing the game on the dark side (as stated in topic).

1. The more Influence i have on a NPC the better. I read the dark side walktrough and it directs me to (example) decrease influence under 10 on Bao Dur so he can become a jedi sentinel. I dont get it, does it means that when I'll have inf=100 I won't be able to change him into a jedi??? I want everybody to be a jedi. Preferably on the dark side - sith professions.

2. If I'm on the dark side (having 100 influence on everybody) am I able to change everybody into siths professions or only some of them and some of them will become jedi sentiles tec (but on the dark side)???
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