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yeah, I was looking at a few other people's awards, I saw a Forum Vet one that had a reason like: 'It wouldn't be LucasForums without you.'

If you guys can make that type of 'sub structure' award, that not only should it be automatic, but also make it available to be made where awards can be given out manually. I mean, like for instances like above

[edit] After reading your post EW, I'm not sure how to change that, i guess thats upto who ever likes to tinker and redesign everything *glances at Lynk*

but how about pulling a page out of the Military Handbook for labeling multiple awards for the same type, i.e. adding a bronze star for every additional award of that type, and add a star to replace the bronze ones for every 5 accumulated awards?

[edit2]and for stuff like 'forum contributor' you can add special marks, like the gun qual ribbons in the military, where you have a 'base' qual is just being qualified for that type, but then there is expert and sharpshooter. basically would equate to exactly how anal one would be in 'contributing' to the forums

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