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Originally Posted by SW01 View Post
Finally! Trade route raids - now we can really cut the enemy off by sea and by land.
Originally Posted by Ctrl Alt Del
Trade route raids! Oh my, that's great. I've really been expecting something commerce related to be shown.
It at least shows that CA have been following history - supply lines became more important in the Age of Reason - looting and living off the land was slowly disappearing - certainly, in the Peninsular, Wellington forbade it, preferring to pay for supplies.

I hope that the raids will actually be portrayed as 3d battles though, with models for caravans, etc.

Originally Posted by Ctrl Alt Del
Hmm, I'm guessing Amirals will work as Generals in land battes, with the morale blow their deaths imply, but, as with the generals, I believe there will be only one per battle (at least only one as commandder-in-chief).
Most likely, and i'm hoping that each ship has it's own captain.

Originally Posted by SW01
And the naval battles - well, they're just looking better all the time! The poor Admiral...I do believe I smell a Trafalgar historical battle in-game! Of course, I'm curious as to whether it was because of enemy cannon or a sneaky sniper, but that we'll see when the game is released!
I have heard that there aren't going to be any historical battles, but it sounds damn strange to me.

I'm not sure about snipers, but I am hoping that fleets may use embarked armies as extra troops for boarding actions in addition to the marines that are no doubt on board.

Originally Posted by SW01
Thanks for the update Astor.
As always, you're welcome.
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