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I forgot to add in the origional script one droid and when I tried to follow your example he stayed on my team and didn't go hostile.
void main() {
 object oNPC1=GetObjectByTag("sith01", 0);
 object oNPC2=GetObjectByTag("doorguard");
 object oNPC3=GetObjectByTag("cultdro");
 object oNPC6=GetObjectByTag("cultdro", 2);
 object oNPC4=GetObjectByTag("sith01", 1);
 object oNPC5=GetObjectByTag("sith01", 2);
 ChangeToStandardFaction(oNPC1, 1);
 ChangeToStandardFaction(oNPC2, 1);
 ChangeToStandardFaction(oNPC3, 1);
 ChangeToStandardFaction(oNPC4, 1);
 ChangeToStandardFaction(oNPC5, 1);
 ChangeToStandardFaction(oNPC6, 1);
do you see any error?

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