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Firstly, I think this is an appropriate video for the occasion.

Now, I think it is a good thing/good day. I'm currently debating going out with a certain someone. I Would do something, indeed.

I'll admit I used to be cynnical, perhaps even pessimistic about it.
Recent times and events are causing me to put all that on hold.

While the way of the lone ranger is something to behold, especially if you aspire to be like Miyamoto Musashi in the least, one has to evaluate his/her life at some point and see if it isn't maybe a possibility to find a significant other--someone to share with for a while at least.

You only live once. You're only young and beautiful once--regardless how you think you look. You won't last forever. So why not give it a shot--give it a few shots in fact? --I mean it for real.

C'mon fellow LF nerds. Get away from your computers and your game consoles for awhile. GET UP! GET OUT! Go look for someone or you're gonna end up like this.

Don't make me get the hose, dammit!

Originally Posted by EnderWiggin View Post
True, but it's nice to have an extra special day between the two of you.

I voted for "good thing" and "will be doing something" (apparently the only one so far) but let me tell you, it's still a pain in the butt to think of what to do. I've never been good at getting gifts &etc.

Thank you... I didn't know you had it on you, my friend.

--Yeah, we guys aren't the best a thinking of romantic stuff. Even geniuses. I've learned it's the simple small things that make a difference...whatever that means...I guess showing implicitly you kinda care--even if you have a sandpaper beard on your face and are a little rough around the edges personality wise. Don't ask me how...(I'm still figuring it out, myself)...

Originally Posted by EnderWiggin View Post
Is there a point to this comment?

Yes, I'd be interested to know as well...

Possibility of an idea: Yes...I believe he is referring to a wicken holiday or something that used to be around this time of year called "goats whip" day. --though I'm not sure any of you wanna hear the goes nothing:

Originally it was in late march. It is believed to predate easter and obviously valentines. Sort of as a predecessor of both.

It was to signify
1) timing of winter's end and blooming of spring
2) whips for "fun" and eggs were around as the signs of fertility

So what does this have to do with goat's whips? (getting to that)

Well, the last week of march was the supposed time where a group of people would get together, both men and women. Said get together was naked and there were these little thin strips of goat's skin around pules of eggs. They would go around, grab a whip or two, and go around and whip those they liked. Also, they had lots of food of all kinds to eat--not just the eggs.

You were basically encouraged to glutton and orgy in order to celebrate life.
--I'm dead serious--at least one of my little 'witchcraft' celebrating friends told me about it and has shown me videos of her family and friends (after the kids go to bed and the underaged LEAVE). There are still people who celebrate this.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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