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The shields flared with energy as missiles bombarded the ship. It was the Atlanteans - it had to be. Reliable intelligence from Valkanar's revealed that they had secured many battleships, and even captured some of the Wraith vessels as well. It seems with all the in-fighting the Wraith had gotten careless.

Lord Valkanar walked to the large window and looked out upon the planet. His secret laboratory must have been discovered. The only way to keep it secret would be to stop the Aurora-class ship to leave or be destroyed.

With a signal to one of his crew, the live video feed to the other ship was activated.

"This is Valkanar. I see that you have managed to find my installation. I would not recommend engaging my ship in combat." He smiled.

The Ha'tak was heavily modified, featuring an entirely new exterior hull design, Wraith weaponry, and a shield designed by Ba'al that Valkanar had stolen that weakened even Ori weapons.

Valkanar waited for a response.
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