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"You want us to attack the Ha'tak? Look at it! Who knows what new devilry that snake head has come up with?"

"This ship has been haunting the area for weeks. We can't just ignore him," said Dr. Weir in her stern voice.

Jenna glanced at Corey. He was fidgeting with his stylus. "What about our weakened shields, Dr. Weir? When we joined with Atlantis a week ago, you said we couldn't possibly--"

"And now I'm saying that it is necessary." Dr. Weir frowned. Corey sat up.

"Maybe it's neccesary to attack, but it might be nice to get more intel first. This guy Valkanar doesn't know we know he's there, and wouldn't recognize, well, let's say me for instance. I haven't been part of a team for long."

"If you're suggesting a spy mission, I'm going with you," said Jenna. Dr. Weir appraised them and the rest of her team, thinking.
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