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Knights of the Old Republic : The Jedi Masters

The Jedi Masters is a total conversion mod which adds an all new chapter to the Old Republic story. It is designed to work with TSL.

Features -

- A total conversion of TSL to a whole new game. Thanks to the likes of the TOR MMORPG messing with my story, it now takes place in an 'alternate story' universe, and acts as a sort of Kotor3.
- A full new storyline spanning Seven planets and several smaller space stations and ships.
- A gameplay time over ten hours
- Five all new characters to join your party. Three returning.
- The remaining two party members are for your two apprentices. After a certain point in the game, you will be able select your padawans from a choice of Four. You will be able to train them and either guide them towards the light, or lure them to the dark side.
- An all new ship, the Eagle, which also comes with some fun new features.
- A choice of 32 new PCs, male and female.
- Two ending, LS and DS.

Story -

"From the ashes of the Sith Triumvirate's devastation, a broken peace has arisen. A panicked senate, who feared the likes of Darth Nihlilus's power once again returning, have outlawed the Jedi. Following this act with increasingly tighter restrictions and curfews, the citizens slowly began to revolt.
Their faith in the Republic shattered, the people have split into five great factions ; Those who remained with the Republic senate, those who found safety with the corporate security of Czerka, those who succumbed to the lure of the Exchange, those of metal who found their savior in the newly self proclaimed Droid Overlord, and those who settled for the enigmatic promises of the mysterious faction which simply named itself 'The Company'.

Although the factions keep to their borders, tensions are forever increasing between them. The outlying Republic world of Telos now officially fully restored, both Droid and company factions fear it as a staging ground for an attack by the ambitious Supreme Chancellor Cressa. Rumors are abound that both the Exchange and Czerka are abusing their people, and all are concerned about the mass production of War Droids taking place on the second moon of M4-78.

Amongst all this, a lone doctor (you), who's true motivations are unclear, has taken it upon themselves to find a man named Revan who might once again unite the galaxy before all finally turns to war. On the advice of a Mandalorian warrior named Canderous Ordo, they set out to establish a truce between the Republic, the Droids, and the company, and to lead all three and their resources into the unknown regions.

Little do they know, that in finding the last location of the legendary Jedi general, they will unleash upon the people an enemy more deadly than they have ever seen. A group of Dark Force users who consider themselves the 'True Sith', which the general has held at bay on the rim of the galaxy for over a decade.

As the true threat returns, Revan must once again unite the five factions under one flag, before all of them face destruction. Beyond this, with the help of his old friends, the doctor, and their party of followers, he must break the will of the chancellor and disobey the laws of the senate. He must unite the protectors of the galaxy away from their hiding. He must unite The Jedi Masters."

WIP thread :
More info :

Things to note :
- Most dialogue does not come with a sound file. This is not a bug so much as a choice. There are 164 sound files in this game, and that's probably about a months work in it's self. The full mod includes over two thousand lines of dialogue. I'll let you do the math.
- One part I haven't had time to test 100% is the recruitment of your apprentices. I recommended saving before you 'proposition' them just in case.
- I've tried to avoid giving you the ability, but don't sell an datapads you get.
- The high resolution of the FMV movies seems to be a problem for some computers. I am unsure of how to solve this problem, feel free to PM me with suggestions. If you have the problem and still want to play, you can always disable movies in the configure settings.
- One thing I haven't been able to get around is the Nihilus/Visas Marr entrance movie starting up when you get far enough towards the light or dark sides. You can either just ignore it, watch the movie when it plays, or remove 'ScnMov01' from C:\Program Files\LucasArts\SWKotOR2\Movies

Download it here :
This is the old version of the mod. Check this thread for the latest version :

PLAY THE TOTAL CONVERSION MOD NOW! . | If you're interested, my almighty fanfic can be read here.

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