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But imagine the potential in a WW1 fps.. You wake up in a trench and your Lt. tells you to get up, and form in a line. While in line you see your fellow soldiers exchange looks of fear. You even see soldiers jogging down notes or putting the finishing touches on letters to home. Then you hear the sound of death:your Lt.'s whistle. You see your comrades charge out of their trenches,some of them getting gunned down as soon as they go "over the top" and falling right back into the trench. Then you finally reach the ladder and climb to fight in the battlefield. You run, dodging machine gun bullets and ducking into atillery craters hoping for a break in the gunfire. While your sitting in your makeshift foxhole you see that you have an unexpected visitor: a german soldier looking no older than 16. Its your choice to fight him or leave the foxhole peacefully and follow the rest of the advance. There were more fronts then the Western Front you know. There was the Italian Front which focused on defeating the Austrian army. The whole campaign was a fight over the Isonzo River, which lasted 12 BATTLES! There was also the Austrailian landings at the Anzac Cove during the failed Gallopi Campaign but I'm getting ahead of myself!(I know its alot of info but I'm a WW1 and WW2 history geek!)
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