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Thoughts on MY class ideas

I was thinking that since a lot of attention is being given to classes , I thought that I would start a thread about my idea. Which being self indulgent, I want this thread to stay about my ideas until no one anything more to say about it.

my idea is that since there are two factions- republic and sith- that are much like the alliance and horde in WoW, there could be eight classes. Four to choose from on each side that would be very similar except that the faction would have an effect on the equipment and skills.

The republic could have jedi, mercenary, soldier, and scout.
jedi is well... a Jedi, enough said
mercenary could have light armor and a lot of offensive skills like stun, and party buffs
Soldier could use heavy armor and use strong powerful skills, except a lot of patriotic like buffs, like soldier of fortune, etc
Scout could use light armors and a lot of evading skills like stealth and tracking skills.

The sith empire could have darker versions of those with alterations here and there, sith, bounty hunter, enforcer, and assassin.
Sith is a dark jedi, duh
Bounty hunter could use more sinister skills than mercenary like poison, and tracking skills.
Enforcer could have more, well more forceful skills, like bludgeon, and blaster booster.
Assassin could have cruel quick killing skills, with a lot of recoil to balance them out.
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