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Sayomi begins to walk over to Akagi as she stops in front of him and says "I'm sorry for what I did, please accept my most sincere apologies. I can be rather violent at times."

Sayomi continues "Also, no, I am not crazy nor am I a bad person... or at least I hope I'm not, I was just very angry. Most of the time I'm very easy going and easy to get along with, when I'm angry though that... changes."

Sayomi begins to take off her cloak revealing her thin toned body and pale white skin. She had a number of seal marks and scars all over her that were visible from under the scantily clad clothing that she wore. She also had on a sound village head band that she had hung around her neck that had a slash though it.

Sayomi continued again "Please accept me taking off my cloak as a token of my sincerity... it is not often I take it off."

Sayomi begins to sign with one hand as she punches a hole into a black abyss where she sticks the cloak, the gate was begins to close as she pulls her arm out of it.

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