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The girl's sense of the situation was definately surprising to Akagi. He had no idea how one such as her could read minds like that, but either way, his questions were answered.

As she took off her cloak, Akagi was slightly red-faced, making him thankful that his helmet had a face mask. The situation was becoming....awkard.

He nodded to her,"I accept your apology and pardon your actions. I am convinced of your sincerity in the matter. Do not, however, drift back into your anger, you would know why."

Despite her attempt at gaining Akagi's trust, he was still skeptic, and still suspicious. It was hard to give an apology to a person who had tried to remove his heart via their hand, but perhaps she was being truthful.

Akagi would discover more later, he'd just have to ignore his suspicions and trust her...

...for now.

Akagi waited quietly outside.

you very much
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