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Karela was a bit red-faced.

Tell Her! I had to learn about it the hard way!

And what was so bad about the way you learned about it?!

My very first host was a doctor...he knew all the technical terms but he wasn't that smart on the spiritual terms...Whoever said that we beasts don't have nightmares was very mistaken

"well...uh...I would much rather that you have this talk with Tsunade but since she's not here...When a Shinobi and a Kunoichi love each other very much...ummm...they decide that they want to spend their lives with one another...and they may wish to start a family. To do that they need to..."

Anyone outside the room would have heard a loud scream a few minutes later.

"...And after their done making out then they usally move onto..."

Another loud scream eachoed throughout the apartment

"And after that then the Shinobi will..."

Karela heard the timer go off on the stove.

"You know what? I'm going to let Hinata talk you through this, she's older then I am, she' better at explaining these types of things, I'm just saying what the Beast is saying."

Karela filled the bowl up and added the necessary ingrediates.

"You should eat this...your face is really pale."
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