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Originally Posted by mur'phon View Post
I would like you to take a look at what the US actually produce, it should give you a nice surprise. Also, out of curiosity, could you mention one kind of disaster that would cut you off from the rest of the world?
Not to mention a great deal of the world would be really sad over not having any more bread, or corn. Honestly, if the US was totally economically isolated, but could still operate normally within it's bounds, we'd just re-purpose a lot of the land we use for farming profitable things like wheat and corn and grow stuff we need here.

Sure, we wouldn't have our Xboxes or our fancy Japanese cars, but I'm sure we could go without buying a new car for 5 years while companies here figure out how to build within the limits of the nation.

And if the US did ever magically reconnect with the world, you think it's a super-power now? Imagine a nation as powerful as the US that didn't require a single nation outside it's borders to survive. Any large nation that can develop power and sustain itsself without outside assistance is a nation to reckon with. Which is something that would make me obscenely happy, some of our dependencies on other nations are just stupid.

Originally Posted by The Doctor View Post
This reference is win.

That is all.
Heh, I saw that and went "Oh snap, The Doctor will get this!" and posted it.

"So if you go to Washington, it's buildings clean and nice. Bring a pack of matches...and we'll burn the White House twice!"

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