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Originally Posted by Gabez View Post
Actually, I'd like to see a FPS based on the Boar war.
I think you mean the Boer war, but a war between boars actually does sound like an awesome idea for a game.

As for a WWI game, it'd probably have to be a strategy game, because yes, it was mostly trenches. An FPS might work though, since I imagine the fighting got pretty intense once the soldiers went out into no man's land. And there are plenty of battles you could recreate. And while the Western front was mostly trenches, there was also the Eastern front, which was much more open, hence more suitable to make an FPS out of.

That said, a strategy game would probably work best, maybe something like this. Or perhaps even a combat flight simulator, or a combat flight strategy game even, like Achtung Spitfire and Over the Reich. Or even better, an adventure game based on Blackadder Goes Forth. That'd be really fantastic.

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