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Not every level has to start with you just sitting in a trench!
They can start when your about to go Over The Top!
And as Haggis pointed out the Eastern Front had no trenches.
Also there could be a whole campaign based off of the Gallopi Front
Imagine Omaha beach but on the Beaches of Turkey!
Heavy Turkish machinegun fire was prominent on "W" and "V" beach
They could recreate famous batlles such as the Battle of the Somme,Verdun,Yrpes(the first battle that the Germans used poision gas to invade trenches before big assaults),or the Battle Of Ponzieres Heights(the greatest grenade battle of the war! Over 50,000 grenades were thrown!)BTW, the game your talkin about is "To End All Wars" but it isn't going to be sold here in the States I'm afraid
They had lots of weapons back then too!
Flamthrowers,machineguns,bolt action rifles,the very first submachine gun (the MP18) and the early prototype of the Thompson,rifle grenades,shotguns, tanks became a well-known battle friend once technology advanced!
Bombers like the German Zeppelin or airplanes which could mean lots of dogfights!

Only for the Battle of the Somme were they told to walk because of the 8 day preliminary atillery barrage! Their idiotic generals thought there was going to be little German resistance, so that meant british troops could literally walk into No mans Land!
Their generals saw no reason for them to run because of this idea. Of course this proved ineffective on July 1, 1916 when 58,000 British troops died on the first day! So they decided on the creeping barrage tactic would be the best way to go. Also those battlefields you described Gabez, they were only like that during battles like Verdun or Passhcendaele because of heavy rain conditions and LOTS of atillery shelling!
Besides that would make for a pretty dramatic level!

Also why not make a WW1 shooter?
Do you know how many WW1 veterans are left in the UK?
Just two! (Harry Patch and Henry Allingham)
People rarely know about WW1 and don't give a flying chicken with the pulley in the middle about those brave veterans!
Why shouldn't these men get a video game recreating their sacrifice so that generations to come shall never forget!
"To a man, his country his nothing more than his home
"To a soldier, his country is his family and he will fight to defend it!"

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