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I just played the mod. It was cool! Well, I didn't finish Dxun yet, but... (possible spoilers)

i must say, I didn't like beginning movie. No offence it just didn't look good (oh well, I don't think I could make it better ).
Things on Republic starship was pretty cool. But why didn't Wookie have a voice (he's talking in his language anyway so what was a problem?), and Twi'lek doesn't have any lipsynch? At least 'history lesson' was really funny. I love it man heh.
Onderon. Conversation between Bastila and HK-47 was awesome (master stealer! )
Cutscenes. Camera angles are often very terrible, it shows trough walls sometimes. It doesn't look good, I'd say more, it looks bad. Any chanse for patch to fix\change it?
Voice thing is sometimes annoying. I know recording would take really long, but it looks bad when sometimes VOs are there, but there's no VO in next line. Also, it's often hard to read entire text (for me, at least) and sometimes I had to load previous save to make sure what they said...
And one more thing about camera, sometimes it's really hard to say who is talking now when camera shows entire module.

(spoilers ends here)

Anyway, I am really enjoying the mod so far. For now I'm a bit confused as I don't really know what's going on, but hopefully it'll be better later in mod (will it?). As I said, I'm still on Dxun.

I'll tell more once I will play more. But it's really good man! I'd love to get more mods like that.

EDIT: I'm getting little problem. How do I enter tomb in Duxn? Door are closed, I believe I was everywhere, and still I have no idea what to do. Help?

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