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"Well, you wanna help me find some more recruits? I've got a few in mind..."

"I will notify both Karela and Asuka about the mission if I see them. In the mean time I must address the Hokage about the incident." Takeda bowed to Kaneda before leaving.

Takeda began his walk towards the Hokage's office. It was not long before he got to the door.

"I am Sayomi Kahanashi."

That voice... I've heard it before,Takeda thought to himself.

It was the attacker, but her tone was different. It was as if she was two people. Perhaps she was like the Hokage. Either way she was in the same room as the Hokage and though she may not be a threat, the thing inside her is. Takeda opened the door and bowed to the Hokage.

"My most sincere apologies Hoakge for interrupting your meeting, I will be sure to discipline myself later for my actions. However I can not leave both you and Karela alone with such a thing." Takeda turned to Sayomi, "I wish to apologize to you as well Miss Kahanashi for I know you are not a threat. During my encounter with you I felt a second being present in you and it is for that reason why I must stay." Takeda looked back over to Naruto. "I would feel much better standing at your side Hokage in case that thing were to get out again, that way I could sacrifice my life instead of you having to do it."
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