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Hey all! I'm going to drop the last hint (at least the most obvious) about Yan's identity. It will explain much more!

History revealed?
“So the last heir of the Tython family has been saved. Good work, master Kavar.”
“Thank you, master Vandar.” The famed Jedi guardian answered.
“Do you understand why we asked Kavar to get you out of that mess?” Vrook prompted.
Jormin had heard the story a hundred times now.
“Yes. Last of bloodline. Bloodline will provide Jedi savior. Bloodline needs to be protected at all cost. Yeah, I got it.” He sarcastically answered.
Vandar smiled.
“Now comes the…interesting part then.”

Yan-Ze was leaning against a pillar near the council chambers. He was asked to be here too, by Vrook’s request.
“What are they trying to do?” He thought. “First the ‘padawan plan’ and now this kid?” He rubbed his stubble with his hand.
“They already sent their strongest Jedi after Malak. What’s the purpose of this…boy?”

Vrook made a gesture and the council doors closed.
“This is…of utter importance. You have met the person standing over there, Jormin?”
Vrook pointed at Yan-Ze.
“Yes,” Jormin answered. “The farmer Jedi right?”
Vandar made a gesture, which immediately showed Jormin this wasn’t the time for jokes.
“Yes. He has taken up the path of the Jedi once more. And he will be your guardian and bodyguard from now on.”

Yan-Ze never thought his jaw could drop so far.
“Wait…wait…wait. You are sending me with him? I think once Darth Jaw Problems discovers I’m back he will come for me. And when he finds out the last Tython is with me too I don’t think he’ll walk away celebrating after killing me if Jormin is with me.”
Vrook gestured Yan to silence.
“You are correct. But do realize a strong Jedi and best Republic spy, and heir to the Tython name, are now paired. I recon you have a pretty good chance of surviving.”

Jormin couldn’t believe his ears.
“I’m BAIT?”
Yan-Ze smiled in disbelief.
“Does that make me the fishing pole?”
Vandar arose from his seat:
“No. Bait can’t defend itself. You can.”

Jormin couldn’t follow the old Jedi Master. Did he want them to engage the enemy? Wasn’t it top priority to keep Jormin safe?
“Ehr….isn’t keeping me safe your top priority, Master Vandar?” He asked.
“Yes. And that’s why Yan-Ze will come with you.”
Vandar turned around, walking towards the holo projector and activated it.
“That is, because Yan-Ze isn’t just any Jedi.” Vrook prompted.
Jormin looked at Yan-Ze, who was still leaning against the pillar. However, his smile had disappeared.
When he saw Jormin looking, he gestured for the holo projector.

Several man appeared on the holo. A muscled, hooded Jedi, a bald red-clothed Jedi next to him and a Republic Admiral standing behind the two.
“This is the Revachist.” Vrook said, while walking around the projector.
“Leader of a group who went to war against the Mandalorians instead of waiting like the rest of the Jedi.”
Jormin stared at the hooded figure. A shiver rolled over his spine. The man looked extremely dangerous, despite the mysterious cloak. He didn’t know why he thought about this, but he recognized all three of them.
“And the bald one is Malak right? And the short one Admiral Karath?” He tried.
Yan-Ze nodded.
“Yes. Before their fall. You see, they won the war. With their aid, the Republic was saved. They disappeared for some time, came back as Sith and started a new war.”
He turned around, looking at Jormin. “Sympathetic men, aye?” Jormin replied.

As a Republic spy, he had heard about the betrayal. Karath bombing Telos, Malak killing Jedi by the dozens…it was a shock for his superiors to see so many fall so quickly.
“This man is your target.”
Vrook pointed at Malak. Before Yan could open his mouth, Vrook gestured:
“To spy on. Not to kill. We want to know everything about him. Where he goes, what he does, what he knows. And that’s why we have put you two together. Both of you are excellent at disappearing.”
Yan smiled: “Now you are making sense. We can stay on the move, stay away from Darth Dental AND do our part for the Republic. And keep the Tython-boy safe.”
Jormin’s smile disappeared: “I’m not a boy, Yan. I have fought soldiers too.”
“You’re twenty years old? When I was your age, I was dueling Sith Lords, Mandalorians and Assassin droids. Small difference.” Yan-Ze parried.
Jormin shut his mouth and started thinking: “Did he battle Sith Lords? Impossible. He hasn’t fought with Revan or Malak when he was a farmer and he isn’t old enough to have fought in the Great Sith War. Was it a bluff?”

“I think it is time to start your training, Jormin.” Vandar used the Force to shut down the projector.
“Yan-Ze can teach some lightsaber basics. You…won’t be capable of using the Force though. But at least you will have an edge over your enemies with a lightsaber on your belt.”

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