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Another alarm went off, this time slightly altered. It meant that the ship's modified sensors had picked up a transmission coming in instead of going out.

"My lord..."

"Yes, I know, they are communicating with someone. Most likely Atlantis." He turned to tech. "I trust that you have translated the message?"

Reading and translating were two different things put together. But by now something must have been deciphered.

"My lord, I...wait...there is something here. Shall I play it?" Valkanar nodded.

"" The message ended.

"Ah, it seems they have developed countermeasures against our kind of sensors. I must go and modify them. What is our status?"

The tech said with a barely noticable smirk, "The shields are still at 80%. We have 20 minutes until they fail at this rate of fire."

Valkanar smiled. Their weapons were very weak now that his shield technology had been implemented. He walked off to go modify the sensors. It would be very interesting to know what the Atlanteans would do to help their ship.

Very interesting indeed.
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