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Originally Posted by Jae Onasi View Post
What are they boiling over about? I see no major protests like in the '60's. I see no rallies for some social cause. What, precisely, would Americans be revolting against, assuming you could get them up off their sofas and away from the latest episode of the The Simpsons?
Completely concur, as there is no way that any revolution in America shall ever get off the ground. The sad truth is, a good deal of Americans are either too lazy or too ignorant to be politically and socially conscious. If things became more economically desperate, then perhaps there will be more and more dissent, but since there were few real revolutionary movements during the Great Depression, which was essentially rock bottom, I doubt that there will be a real amount of rebellion at the moment.

Oh, and watches The Simpsons anymore? That show got sucky several years ago.
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