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Originally Posted by Astrotoy7 View Post
Firstly, if your pc is under a valid warraty, you should consider taking it back for the store techs to look at. Thats what they are there for!
Mines custom built, and even then, it doesn't have any original parts to it to begin with.

PSU is your power supply unit. The cord you have from the mains electricity plugs into it Unfortunately, the best way to test a PSU is to have a spare, working PSU around, and seeing if you can reproduce the problem.
I'll try the Power cord from my other computer.

system temps are the temperatures of your different components. If parts are getting too hot, this can manifest in the way you describe.
I think that is the problem. The fan has been going very loudly, now that you mention it. And looking back there, there is a lot of dust in the fan. Should I just open it up and blast some compressed air on the fan to clear it out?

EDIT: Alright, I downloaded PC Wizard, what exactly should I be looking for?

EDIT 2: HOLY CRAP, everything is running around 90 to 100 degrees farenhiet! That is not good.

What is the normal temp, and what should I do about this?

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